Having the right computer hardware is essential!

Do your customers have high expectations for their computers and for the hardware of the computer? Why put up with long wait times when starting the computer or programs, or miss out on the latest high resolution films or games? With the right, perfectly tailored hardware components, every computer can be matched to the requirements of the individual customer. At ECOM Trading – your hardware wholesaler – you will find exactly the right hardware for your customers’ needs.

Using the affordable and high performance hardware components in our hardware wholesale catalog, you can assemble a custom PC for your customers or restore the efficiency and performance of an old computer. For most of our tower PCs, you can swap out individual components in a few easy steps and replace them with higher performance ones. This is generally not so easy, however, for laptops and notebooks because very space-saving hardware is used for them.

Suitable hardware for your computer?

ECOM Trading’s broad range of products offers everything that a modern computer requires. It is essential that the configuration consist of optimally tailored hardware components. By hardware we mean the mechanical and electronic equipment of the system. This entire equipment, from basic components such as RAM, all hard disks and drives, motherboards, graphics and sound cards, power supply units right through to small parts such as a fans and cables can be found in our clearly arranged categories. In the ECOM online shop, the generic term ‘hardware’ is used not only for the hardware components installed in a PC system, but also includes a subcategory covering everything that is directly useful in the peripherals area so that you can easily access all options for the perfect equipment for your customer’s desired PC. This large, comprehensive offering is targeted in particular towards retailers and resellers of computer hardware.

Innovative accessories for optimal PC use

PC owners cannot do without practical accessories. Besides a wide range of hardware components, the hardware area of our online shop also includes the right accessories for your customer’s computer. Having the optimal peripheries can make working on the computer easier and faster. A must-have for every PC owner is the standard equipment of computer, mouse, keyboard and monitor. You can find the optimal standard equipment for your customer’s PC, as well as additional externally connected devices such as printers, scanners or a second monitor, in our online shop for resellers. A second monitor, for example, makes it much easier to keep track of open programs and therefore contributes, as does as a suitable processor, to efficient, clear and comfortable work on the computer.

A wireless mouse & keyboard can keep the workspace of the end customer tidy. As a wholesaler for computer hardware, our product range also includes, of course, a suitable mouse pad for your customer.

If you still have any important questions or want to find out about our products, our service line would be happy to assist you at any time with tips and ideas!