History of ECOM Electronic Components Trading GmbH

The company ECOM Electronic Components Trading GmbH, which was founded in 1992, is one of the leading computer parts wholesalers in the world. Our broad range of products include not only components, peripherals, and accessories for PCs and notebooks, but also storage, software, and network products. The 160 employees at our headquarters in Dachau and branch office in Eging am See generated an annual turnover of over € 350 million in 2017. Our competent sales staff support around 3,500 customers, from large companies to specialist suppliers and retailers right through to Assemblers.

How it all began

Gerhard Ellinger started working in component sales in 1984. Eight years later, having established good contacts and possessing an outstanding knowledge of the market, he and his future partner decided to build up their own Company.

ECOM Trading GmbH, one of the most successful IT wholesalers today with its headquarters in the greater Munich area and a branch office in the idyllic Bavarian Forest, was subsequently founded in 1992. Since then, the company has acquired new resources, expanded its sales channels, extended its product range, and increased its employee Count.

It has also been continuously expanding its warehousing and service capacities over that time. It was not surprising, then, that consideration was given to expanding the company’s premises, and this was finally implemented in 2008.

A lot has happened in the meantime, and company management has not been resting on its laurels either. It was strengthened in 2009 with the addition of Jürgen Ellinger, who is responsible for purchasing, and in 2015 with the addition of the financial specialist Dr. Roland Dietl, who joined the company in 2012 in the HR and Finance area.

ECOM's recipe for success lies, in particular, in its personal attention to its customers, short sales channels, fast delivery, and the continuous expansion of its product range.


  • ECOM takes 1st place in the “Full Line Supplier” category of the CRN Excellent Distribution Awards
    It’s now official: the hardware specialist ECOM is one of the winners of the CRN Excellent Distribution Awards 2019. Just under 2,400 specialist ICT suppliers lent their voice to the CRN Channel Tracks poll. This award, which is highly sought after in specialist circles, is organized by Computer Reseller News, one of the most successful ICT channel magazines in all of Germany, in collaboration with the renowned market research institute IFAK. Besides service capability, important basic competencies in the areas of logistics, marketing, and distribution as well as specialist expertise, for example delivery reliability and pricing, were assessed.

  • ECOM partner in the Nordanex Team from September 1, 2018
    ECOM and Nordanex offer a long-term, healthy business strategy thanks to their partnership agreement. Nordanex partners have been benefiting for many years now from the comprehensive range of services and know-how of this Germany-wide IT network. Nordanex and ECOM are united by their common goals, first and foremost to service their satisfied customers. Only jointly, hand-in-hand, is it possible to ensure excellent terms of business and thereby secure a decisive market Advantage.

  • ECOM - An exciting time for junior employees
    September was the month in which many young people started out in their professional life. They have an exciting time ahead of them, with many instructive experiences and new and interesting tasks in store. Our new trainees in the areas of media design, IT systems electronics, warehouse logistics, and wholesale and foreign trade will be busy getting used to working with one another and finding their niche in everyday professional life. Over time they will familiarize themselves with the structures at ECOM and learn to work together in a manner based on trust and mutual respect.

  • Seagate presents ECOM with “Strongest Sales Performance” award
    The Seagate Channel Partner Conference took place on April 26, 2018. The location of the event, in line with their current campaign, was the Schlosshotel Mondsee near Salzburg, Austria. The manufacturer gave its partners the opportunity to slip into Mozart’s shoes for a while by dressing and making themselves up in Rococo style. While splendidly attired in this manner, ECOM’s Managing Director Jürgen Ellinger had the honor of receiving the award for “Strongest Sales Performance”.
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  • ECOM receives the CRN Distri Award 2018
    Our sales director Michael Christlmaier and our head of marketing Christian Schmid were given the opportunity to personally accept a further award at this year’s CRN awards ceremony. The ICT channel magazine CRN awarded the “Excellent Distributor 2018” seal to ECOM Trading.

  • ECOM also providing training opportunities in the Eging am See branch office from 2017
    As of this year, the Eging am See branch office will be offering training in the areas of media design and wholesaling. The training encompasses not only sound technical knowledge and foundation skills for the future, but also first-rate career prospects, outstanding working conditions, flat hierarchies, and an exciting working environment in an interesting industry offering ideal opportunities for professional development.

  • Traineeships at ECOM
    We are currently offering traineeships in the following areas: Warehouse Logistics Specialist, Media Designer in Digital and Print, Wholesale and Foreign Trade Assistant, Office Management Assistant, and IT Systems Electronics Technician.

  • ECOM now official distributor for the entire GIGABYTE motherboard and Brix product range
    After a long-standing collaborative relationship as a sub-distributor of motherboards, we have now decided to expand our portfolio even further. Effective immediately, in addition to the existing distribution channel for Brix, ECOM is now an official distributor for the entire range of motherboards from the manufacturer GIGABYTE.

  • ECOM winner of “Rising Star” at the Channel Excellence Awards 2017
    In the Münchner Künstlerhaus in the city of Munich, ChannelPartner in collaboration with the market research experts at GfK gave out awards to the best manufacturers and wholesalers. Michael Christlmaier accepted the “Rising Star” award for the year at the Channel Excellence Awards 2017 on behalf of ECOM.

  • ECOM moves into its new offices in Braunschweig
    ECOM Trading is now also open for business in Braunschweig. Our experienced sales professionals at the new office are looking forward to providing advice and support to our customers.

  • ECOM turns 25 - A success story
    A success story of PC components and computer peripherals, continuous growth and expansion, and employees, long-standing partners, and customers who have contributed to our success. An occasion to celebrate and say thanks. On the company’s anniversary and in collaboration with renowned manufacturers, there will be giveaways and lots more throughout the year.
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  • ChannelPartner publishes a list of the largest ICT distributors in Germany
    ECOM included in the list of largest distributors in Germany.

  • Distributions agreements with Gainward and Gigabyte
    After concluding distribution agreements with the globally renowned manufacturers Gainward and Gigabyte, we can now offer a wider range of products in the area of graphics cards. Thanks to the addition of Gainward and Gigabyte to our product portfolio, our customers can benefit from us having two further strong partners at our side.

  • Raidmax exclusive at ECOM
    Raidmax, which is especially popular in the gaming scene, has deservedly made a name for itself in particular for its high-quality and sophisticated products. Not least for this reason, we are offering our customers the Raidmax Vortex 4 blue housing exclusively in the “windowless” version.

  • Motivated trainees start their professional life at ECOM
    For many years now, we have had a reputation in the region as an active employee and trainer of tomorrow’s specialists. The young employees in our various departments receive sound technical knowledge and foundation skills. Besides first-rate career prospects, outstanding working conditions, and flat hierarchies, we place great store on the quality of our training and promote professional development.

  • The new eShop
    Almost three years have passed since the last relaunch of the ECOM eShop. So now was a good time to give it another facelift, including a new design for the initial overview, an improved search function that presents all relevant products quickly and clearly, and advanced filter functions. Data sheets and additional information for each product, along with availability and pricing details, round off the convenient online shopping experience perfectly.

  • ECOM expands its warehouse capacity
    Continuously increasing sales figures, new and expanded product ranges, additional services such as fulfillment, as well as further initiatives to grow our business have required us to take suitable measures in the area of logistics. As a result, we will extending our existing warehouse to increase our existing approx. 7000 sq. m of storage space by 3700 sq. m. As a part of this expansion, we will also be increasing our employee count.


ECOM IT Großhandel
  • Change in company structure
    Dr. Roland Dietl, who has been working in a commercial role at ECOM Trading GmbH since 2012, will be joining the board of management immediately to assist the current managing directors Gerhard and Jürgen Ellinger. His previous employers have included, amongst others, Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG. His role as a member of the board of management will focus primarily on the area of finance.

  • Renewal of the distribution agreement with the computer hardware manufacturer MSI
    MSI, a heavy weight in the area of computer hardware, is and will remain a strong partner at our side. This means that all ECOM trade partners will continue to be able to purchase from us, as a distributor and IT wholesaler, the complete range of MSI components at the same terms and conditions and with the same customer-focused Services.
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  • Distribution agreements with Thermaltake, Enermax and subdistribution agreement with Gigabyte
    Three new distribution agreements at once. ECOM has successfully signed up the globally renowned manufacturers Thermaltake and Enermax as distribution partners for PC housings, power supplies and cooling solutions. Thanks to this strategic partnership, ECOM will be able to offer its customers even more choice and premium quality products. The subdistribution agreement we have concluded with the global manufacturer GIGABYTE will also enable us increase our know-how in the area of motherboards. Our wholesale customers will receive full access to the attractive benefits of a rewards program. Within the hardware sector, the name GIGABYTE is synonymous in particular with innovative technologies, exceptional quality, and outstanding customer service.


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  • Distribution agreements with ASUS, Benq and Iiyama
    Significant expansion of our product offering thanks to new manufacturers. Bringing the two new partners BENQ and Iiyama on board has increased our expertise in the display sector for our distribution business. ASUS has also expanded its partnership with us as an IT wholesaler.

  • Relaunch of the ECOM online shop
    The ECOM online shop has been completely revamped and redesigned with many additional functions. 24-hour online shopping has never been more convenient and easy for our customers. A well structured menu system makes it easy to navigate the comprehensive IT product range, and customers can now access a comprehensive data sheet and further information for every product, for example availability, pricing, useful test reports, and informative brief descriptions. The popular PC Configurator has now also been incorporated into the ECOM shop system. With just a few clicks and in an easily understandable process, a custom PC can be assembled virtually with immediate pricing information. ECOM customers can log into the eShop at any time using their customer number and registered email address. The agreed terms and conditions apply also to online purchases.

  • ECOM customer incentive with high-end sports cars from Audi '
    Guests from the IT sector had the opportunity to explore the Bavarian Forest region for a weekend in a suite of high-performance cars with a total horsepower of around 5,500, including six R8s, three RS5s, and two TT RS Plus’s. At the conclusion, the participants were roasted in a charming manner with a traditional Bavarian mocking song at the Altnussberg castle ruin. The cheeky verses in song form unleashed all kinds of mischief and brought the weekend to a successful conclusion.

  • Help for flood victims with a donation of €22,500
    German PCs help alleviate flood damage. After the flood in June 2013 destroyed the livelihood of thousands of people in Germany, we, as a local distributor and IT wholesaler, decided to assist with the recovery effort. A total of €22,500 was collected through the sale of PCs assembled in Munich, which we then distributed to aid associations.
ECOM IT Großhandel
  • Distribution agreements with Edimax, Be quiet and XFX
    Further expansion of our wholesale IT product range through new partnerships with the network manufacturer Edimax Technology, the premium manufacturer of power supplies and fans be quiet, and XFX, a specialist in graphics cards! Edimax’s products are characterized by their affordable price and clear support and warranty terms. By offering Edimax products as a distributor, we are underscoring this manufacturer’s leading market position in the network technology sector. Be quiet!, Germany’s current and long-standing market leader in power supplies, offers products of the highest possible quality that will enrich our wholesale product range. Specializing in the high end sector, XFX manufactures high-performance AMD graphics cards. With diverse overclocking options and special cooling solutions, gamers and demanding PC users in particular will find all the performance they need. Our customers will benefit from these possibilities and the comprehensive range of VGA cards that we, as their distributor, can offer them.

  • IT customers in the ice track
    We invited our honored guests to Berchtesgaden for a Bavarian weekend. Besides the usual program activities, the visit to the Bobsleigh World Cup at Königssee gave our guests the opportunity to experience winter sports up close. Our customers were not only able to observe the exciting bobsleigh and skeleton runs from their vantage point right next to the ice track, and to enjoy the party spirit in the crowd at the finishing line, but were also asked to demonstrate some courage themselves. After the professionals left the track, our IT wholesale business customers climbed into the bobsleighs themselves and tore down the oldest artificial ice track in the world at a breakneck speed of 125km/h. This was followed by a relaxing evening with traditional folk music and lots of good cheer in the iconic “Holzkäfer” hut high above Berchtesgaden.

  • ECOM turns 20
    Employees and customers celebrate this round-figure anniversary. We have been a distributor of IT components, peripheral devices, and accessories since 1992. Our biggest strengths continue to be our commitment to keeping our promises, our delivery reliability and speed, and personal attention to our customers.
ECOM IT Großhandel
  • Growth of our technical sales & retail divisions, expansion of product range
    As a distributor and a good employer, we are always seeking to further grow our business, continuously expand our product range in a sensible way, and to keep our employees happy. We are pleased to announce that we are presently expanding our IT wholesale business and growing our technical sales and retail divisions.

  • Distribution agreement with Mad Catz and subdistribution agreement with Netgear
    We are constantly expanding our product portfolio. It therefore makes sense for a distributor like us to take on board large manufacturers like Netgear and Mad Catz. Thanks to our strategic partnerships with these leading manufacturers, we have been able to significantly expand our product offerings in the areas of networking and gaming peripherals, and offer our customers and prospects even more choice with a wide range of different network solutions as well as products for gaming enthusiasts.

  • Partnerships with emendo and Idas World
    Effective immediately, the purchasing group emendo will be offering our entire wholesale product range to its 175 partners. The 300 retailers associated with IDAS World can also look forward to having us as a strong IT wholesale partner of their purchasing group. All registered specialist suppliers will now have access to our entire product portfolio.

  • Online PC configurator launched
    Our newly launched online configurator begins with a choice of five base models. After selecting a socket type to suit their desired system, from entry level to high-end, users can then choose from a multitude of housings, processors, and further components. During the configuration process, users can add or remove additional hard disks or drives at any time, and simply and easily assemble a complete bundle with TFT display and printer. To make working with the online tool as easy as possible for users, we have incorporated various intelligent features and paid particular attention to usability. For example, having selected specific components, the tool will automatically suggest only compatible components in subsequent configuration steps, thereby preventing incorrect configurations.
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  • Further expansion of foreign sales
    Thanks to market developments in recent years, increasing customer demand in countries like Spain, Italy and France, and our competent sales team, we have recorded tremendous increases in sales revenue lately. In response to this and on the request of countries such as Hungary, Slovakia and Turkey, company management has decided to further expand our sales network. The newly trained team will also follow ECOM’s winning formula, so customers can continue to enjoy our “comprehensive no-hassle packages”. Our support starts from the initial consultation, and includes complaints management as well as any questions relating to the product or process, right through to delivery. Personal attention to the customer comes first at ECOM.

  • Our product range now also listed with IT Scope
    Our products, including up-to-date pricing, will now appear in IT Scope’s price and availability comparison tool “Market Viewer”. Besides obtaining cross-channel price comparisons, users can query the product availability, which is updated on an hourly basis. As a distributor and IT wholesaler, we will be utilizing the full scope of this platform in order to offer our customers an optimal and easy means of reviewing the market.

  • Collaboration with Synaxon
    With over 2,700 independent partners and combined sales of around € 3 billion euros, Synaxon AG is Europe's largest IT retailer’s cooperative. We, too, will be offering our IT product range via this purchasing group. Interested parties can query our product availability and pricing, and place orders with us via the online platform EGIS.

  • Distribution agreement with TP-Link
    This agreement with TP-Link has enabled us to expand our product range in the area of networking. Besides switches, routers, and DSL and ADSL equipment, TP-Link also offers IP cameras, print servers, and powerline Adapters.
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Großhändler im Bereich IT Hardware - Geschichte im Jahr 2009
  • Distribution agreement with Gainward
    ECOM has just entered into a new partnership with Gainward, one of the world's largest manufacturers of graphics accelerators. Gainward’s graphics cards have won numerous awards and cover the entire range of requirements of our IT wholesale customers from entry level through mid-range right up to high end cards. This will enable our specialist retailer partners to not only access new markets, but also benefit in particular from the high quality products and services they can come to expect from a distributor like us.
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  • Channel Champion 2008
    ECOM has been named one of the best distributors and most successful resellers in the “Special Distributor” category under “Preferred Distributors” by the editors of ChannelPartner.

  • Ecom moving into the newly built office and warehouse buildings in Dachau and Eging am See
    Finally, everything is ready and we can move into our new premises. Modern, innovative and Feng Shui-designed, our employees should feel right at home in our new IT buildings. That ought to be easy thanks to the sophisticated architectural constructions of our modern technical age. Let's see if our employees even want to go home anymore.

  • Opening of online shop for resellers
    Our specialist suppliers can access the entire ECOM product range through our online shop. IT customers now have the option to process their orders via our newly created online shop. Partners can order from our entire range of wholesale products, including processors, hard drives, memory modules, optical drives, graphics cards, motherboards, software, monitors, printers and other add-ons, in a convenient manner and also outside regular trading hours.
Großhändler im Bereich IT Hardware - Geschichte im Jahr 2009